In response to Covid-19, our 18,000 teachers are now providing online one-to-one tuition across the UK, to support families, children and parents, with homeschooling throughout the coming months. Learn more here.

Online One-to-One Homeschooling To Support Families During Covid-19

We remain open and are now busy with requests from many parents looking for online one-to-one tuition, to support their families with homeschooling over the coming months and school summer term (20 April to 21 July).

Over 18,000 qualified and experienced teachers, across the country, are available to provide high quality online one-to-one tuition to support parents and children across all age groups: including Primary and Prep, Key Stage 1 and 2, SEN and Leaning Support, 11+ and 13+ Entrance Exams, Key Stage 3, GCSEs, IGCSEs and A levels. Our teachers will provide online tuition for all academic subjects including: English Language and Literature, Maths, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Languages, Economics, Business Studies, Computer Science, Psychology.

We can arrange introductions of teachers to you within one or two days, although you can choose to start the online tuition whenever you wish, during the next few days or at some later date. You do not need to pay anything in advance, nor do our teachers require any contracts or minimum commitment.

Tuition Fees for Online One-to-One Tuition

Primary£35 per hour
SEN and Learning Support£36 per hour
11+ and Year 7 Entrance Exams£36 per hour
13+ and Common Entrance£40 per hour
Year 7 to 9£36 per hour
GCSE and IGCSE£38 per hour
A level and IB£40 per hour

Contact Us Today

We have extended our working hours from 0900 to 1900 each day, including Saturdays and Sundays and are available to receive your phone call on 03300 580908. If you are not able to phone us directly, leave us a short message through our website and we will phone you back. Please let us know your preferred time for us to call you.

Join Our Facebook Group

We have also recently created a Facebook group, to support families with homeschooling throughout this period, which we invite you to join. We will be adding a further 10,000 qualified and experienced teachers to join this group with you. Our teachers will be available to answer your questions, provide you with free practical advice and support in shaping a homeschool curriculum and provide you with access to high quality, free teaching and learning resources.

The name of this group is "Home Schooling: Qualified teachers supporting families, across the UK" and you can join this group here. Please feel free to share this group with other parents and families who would benefit from membership.

At its heart, we know that education is a simple thing. Whoever we are, wherever we may be, we all need to experience the joy of achievement, our own and others' ... and then we need great teachers.

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Over 18,000 qualified and experienced teachers, across the UK, who also offer their skills as high quality home tutors