High Quality Home Tuition for Children

We believe that qualified teachers provide the highest quality of tuition. Our teachers are subject-specialists, experienced, energetic ... and up-to-date with an ever-changing curriculum, and the current requirements of exam boards and specifications.

Our teachers offer you a prompt and personal service; we aim to introduce you to qualified and experienced teachers within a couple of days; we do not ask for any up-front payments or registration fees; we require our teachers to come to your home to teach, and to fit in with your schedule, which will enable you to get to know them and directly experience the benefits of the high quality tuition that they give.

There are no contracts nor any requirements for a minimum number of lessons. We offer short-term intensive tuition as well as ongoing support, which can continue for many weeks and months. The rhythm and routine for lessons can, and will, evolve to bring the best benefit to the student. Lessons can take place at any time through the week and at week-ends and can continue through the holidays, as families experience the benefits of the high quality tuition and routine. Our tutors will also teach siblings and small family groups, if required, which can prove to be very beneficial and enjoyable for families.

Our experience and specialisms cover all academic subjects across the primary and secondary sectors; from Independent, Grammar and State School settings. We can prepare young children and students for all public examinations including SATs, GCSEs, IGCSEs, A levels, the Pre-U and the IB; across all specifications and major UK Examination Boards.

Our teachers will provide academic challenge for those children who do not find this at their school. Our teachers will offer academic support to those who have missed out on some of their learning, whether through illness, absence, a lack of understanding at school ... or a lack of effort. A short, direct and intensive course of lessons can have a profound impact on an individual’s performance and confidence. Our teachers will also shape and support high quality homeschooling for children of all ages.

Our teachers will prepare children for entry into Prep and Senior Schools, with School Entrance Examinations and Interview Practice, including 11+, 13+ and Common Entrance. A significant number of our teachers work within the Independent and Grammar Schools and have excellent knowledge and experience of the process.

Our teachers will prepare young men and women for the world of university and work, with comprehensive interview practice and support for UCAS applications and professional careers advice.

At its heart, we know that education is a simple thing. Whoever we are, wherever we may be, we all need to experience the joy of achievement, our own and others' ... and then we need great teachers.

The benefits of high quality home tuition

(1) A tutor has the opportunity to focus on the specific subjects and areas that your child may be struggling with. At school, a teacher can only give limited individual attention to each student, as there is limited classroom time available and the requirement for the teacher to meet the needs of of the whole teaching group.

(2) There are fewer distractions in a home setting, with little noise or distractions from classmates, which can often impact on your child's concentration and performance.

(3) A tutor will quickly gauge the current achievement, future potential and learning style of your child and will be able to adapt their teaching to this to bring the greatest benefit.

(4) A tutor can provide academic challenge for your child, if they do not find this at their school. This can enthuse and invigorate learning and enjoyment for a particular subject, which can infect other areas of their school life.

(5) A tutor can offer academic support to your child, if they have missed out on some of their learning, whether through illness, absence, a lack of understanding at school ... or a lack of effort. A short, direct and intensive course of lessons can have a profound impact on your child's performance and confidence.

(6) A tutor can help develop your child's confidence in a subject. The more confident a child feels with their schoolwork, the more they are able to develop and progress their skills and knowledge.

(7) A tutor can help your child develop the right exam technique, so that they are able to perform to their full potential in an exam situation. Often children to need a lot of practice doing trial exam papers, with a tutor alongside helping them to be precise and concise, to spot the traps that are set, to organise their timings, ...

(8) If your child is shy then often they will not ask questions in the classroom. In a one-on-one teaching, your child will feel more able to ask questions when they are unsure of a concept.

(9) If your child is struggling with homework from school, the tutor can provide support to help them with this. If your child is not receiving enough homework from school to consolidate their learning, the tutor can provide this.

(10) Regular lessons with a tutor will help a disorganised child begin to focus on their work, with the responsibility that they will have to be ready for the next lesson. Once momentum builds, your child will begin to feel less anxious and more enjoyment , as they begin to sense that they are making progress.

Parents are encouraged to sit in on some of the tuition, if they would wish, to enable them to watch the tutor at work, and to pick up some of their strategies and skills to use to consolidate their child's learning when the tutor is not there.

With many years of experience in teaching children on a one-to-one basis, we know that children often make remarkable progress in only a few weeks. Ability, self-belief, confidence, enjoyment … all begin to take root and grow.


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