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Our English Tutors in Manchester are all fully-qualified English Teachers, who also offer their skills as high quality home tutors. All are subject-specialists, professional, reliable, up-to-date with Examination Boards and the current demands of a changing curriculum. Lessons are taught at your home and are scheduled at your convenience; whether weekdays, evenings or weekends.


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"Teachers To Your Home" provides high quality English Tuition in Manchester, at your home and convenience. We work with over 18,000 qualified teachers across the UK, who also choose to offer their professional skills as high quality home tutors.

We can support English Language and Literature at all levels, and can provide high quality tuition for Primary and Junior levels, as well as prepare children towards 11+, 13+, Common Entrance or for GCSE, IGCSE, IB and A level Examinations, across all the major Examination Boards including OCR, AQA, Edexcel, CIE, WJEC. 

We can also provide high quality teaching for English as an Additional Language (EAL) and English as a Second Language (ESL)

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What families are saying about our tutors this week

"We are very happy with Mr H. An excellent teacher and role model for our son, who is enjoying his lessons each Saturday morning."

19 March 2019; review received from Mr and Mrs Wood, Year 5 son, 11+ tuition, Altrincham

"We are very pleased with our teacher, who has very good experience of the schools we are looking at for our son. He has now assessed Jacob and we know where to focus needs to be over the coming year. Our son has already built a good relationship with Mr G and is enjoying the lessons."

19 March 2019; review received from Mr Bellamy, Year 4 son, 11+ and Independent School Entrance Examinations in Sevenoaks

"Our son is making good progress and enjoying the weekly lessons with Mrs CH. Thank you."

19 March 2019; review received from Mr Bob C-W, Year 5 son, Primary and 11+ Tuition in Lincoln


A selection of our teachers who provide English tuition in and around Manchester


five children lying down reading books in Manchester

"No is the second shortest word in the English language ... but one of the hardest to say."– Raymond Arroyo

Whether it is in getting to grips with the basic skills of reading or writing at Primary School, or in analysing the themes behind Chaucer's Middle English poetry, we can provide a professional English Tutor who can help you. 

The benefits of Primary, GCSE, IGCSE and A level English tuition:

1. Your English Tutor has the opportunity to focus on the specific subjects and areas that your child may be struggling with. At school, a teacher can only give limited individual attention to each student, as there is limited classroom time available and the requirement for the teacher to meet the needs of the whole teaching group.

2. There are fewer distractions in a home setting, with little noise or distractions from classmates, which can often impact on your child's concentration and performance. 

3. Your English Tutor will quickly gauge the current achievement, future potential and learning style of your child and will be able to adapt their teaching to this to bring the greatest benefit.

4. Your English Tutor can provide academic challenge for your child, if they do not find this at their school. This can enthuse and invigorate learning and enjoyment for a particular subject, which can infect other areas of their school life.

5. Your English Tutor can offer academic support to your child, if they have missed out on some of their learning, whether through illness, absence, a lack of understanding at school ... or a lack of effort. A short, direct and intensive course of lessons can have a profound impact on your child's performance and confidence.

6. Your English Tutor can help develop your child's confidence in a subject. The more confident a child feels with their schoolwork, the more they are able to develop and progress their skills and knowledge.

7. Your English Tutor can help your child develop the right exam technique, so that they are able to perform to their full potential in an exam situation. Often children to need a lot of practice doing trial exam papers, with a tutor alongside helping them to be precise and concise, to spot the traps that are set, to organise their timings, ...

8. If your child is shy then often they will not ask questions in the classroom. In a one-on-one teaching, your child will feel more able to ask questions when they are unsure of a concept.

9. If your child is struggling with homework from school, the tutor can provide support to help them with this. If your child is not receiving enough homework from school to consolidate their learning, the tutor can provide this.

10. Regular lessons with a English tutor will help a disorganised child begin to focus on their work, with the responsibility that they will have to be ready for the next lesson. Once momentum builds, your child will begin to feel less anxious and more enjoyment, as they begin to sense that they are making progress.

A little more about Manchester

manchester town hall

The City of Manchester including the surrounding Greater Manchester area is a large conurbation of around two and a half million people. Originally the site for a Celtic fortification, it developed as a Roman city (with the characteristic -chester ending) and in subsequent years became a medieval market town. The 1800s saw a massive expansion in the size of the city and the population, built around the booming textiles industry, especially cotton. Engineering industries developed from the companies that built the machines used in the mills and the chemical industries from the companies that supplied the chemicals used to treat the textiles. The opening of the Manchester Ship Canal in 1894 in effect made the Port of Manchester an Atlantic sea port.

The city de-industrialised post World War two, with textiles and synthetic textiles being more cheaply available in overseas markets. The bomb that devastated the city centre in 1996 sparked a regeneration programme which has seen Manchester become the third most visited city in the UK. The city hosted the very successful Commonwealth Games in 2002 and it is home to two premier league football clubs in Manchester City and Manchester United. The old docks are now known as Salford Quays and have become a media hub, with the BBC moving there.

The top performing Secondary Schools in Manchester include the Manchester Grammar Schools, Withington Girls' School, Cheadle Hulme and Stockport Grammar School. Our teachers come from the local schools in and around Manchester; from Primary, Junior and Secondary Schools; from across the State, Academy, Grammar and Independent School Sectors.

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