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Please note that these Terms and Conditions may change from time to time, but We will always endeavour to provide You with notice if they do change.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

You  (the Parent or Legal Guardian of the student or the adult learner) will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to these Terms and Conditions when You arrange a session of tuition by a Tutor introduced to You by Us (Teachers To Your Home).

General Terms

Teachers To Your Home acts as a disclosed agent of the Tutor by providing introductions to third parties looking for tutoring services and vice versa. We enable Your Tutor to invoice You directly and take payment from You directly via Our Systems.

The Tutor is self-employed and engaged directly by You to provide tuition to the Student. The Tutor does not have the authority to bind Teachers To Your Home in any way.

The Tutor is responsible for co-ordinating the tuition with You and will request the necessary background information from You and/or the Student nominated by You, from time to time.

Provision of teaching and learning resources used in the lessons will be provided directly by the Tutor to You. No teaching or learning resources are provided by Teachers To Your Home.

Tuition is usually held at Your home or school or can be online. Tuition can also take place at an agreed venue e.g. office workplace.


There is no requirement for You to register or to pay any registration fees up front.

The tuition fee per hour is agreed by You and by Your Tutor in advance of the tuition. The tuition fee will also be displayed on your timesheet and invoice and in the initial e-mails to You.

You will receive a timesheet from Your Tutor at the end of each calendar month to approve. This timesheet will detail the lessons taught by the Tutor and total tuition fees due.

You will be able to message Your Tutor through Our System if you have any query with the timesheet entries.

You will provide your debit/credit card, which will be used to take payment for the tuition fees. Payment processing services on Teachers To Your Home's Website are provided by Stripe Payments Europe, Ltd trading as Stripe and are subject to the Stripe Connected Account Agreement, which includes the Stripe Services Agreement – United Kingdom (together, the “Stripe Terms”).

Teachers To Your Home does not collect or store Your debit/credit card details. Teachers To Your Home’s Privacy Policy can be found here

You authorise Teachers To Your Home to instruct Stripe to charge Your credit/debit card two days after the end of each month, for payment of all tuition provided.

You can amend the registered debit/credit card details at any time. You confirm that You are fully entitled to use any credit or debit card You register and such card has available funds sufficient to cover the charges which are to be deducted from it.

All payments will be automatically deducted from Your registered credit or debit card at the end of each month and paid directly to Your Tutor. You will receive a copy of the Tutor’s timesheet at the end of each month for Your records. If You have any queries relating to the timesheet please message Your Tutor directly through our System and Your Tutor will resolve this with You, as soon as possible.

If You are a school, college, local authority, business, charity, legal case manager, trust fund manager etc. we will send you an invoice at the end of each month for tuition fees due. Payment can be made BACS transfer or cheque within 30 days.

Interest may be charged on any overdue amounts at a rate of 3% per annum above the base-lending rate of the Bank of England for the time from the due date of payment to the date that the outstanding sum is paid and whether or not a Court order for payment has been obtained.

If You are unhappy with your first lesson with Teachers To Your Home, we will pay your tuition fee for that lesson, and look to appoint a new Tutor for You.

As a disclosed agent of the Tutor, Teachers To Your Home collects a commission directly from the Tutor.

Data Protection Act

If You provide personal data to Us, You are consenting to the use of that data by Teachers To Your Home for the purpose of effecting introductions to Tutors, for billing and fee collecting purposes and to enable Us to contact You from time to time if We need to.

Teachers To Your Home does not collect or store Your debit/credit card details.

Teachers To Your Home takes the protection of Your personal data very seriously and treats Your personal data confidentially and in accordance with Teachers To Your Home’s Privacy Policy which can be found here

Cancellation and Termination

We recommend that You give “reasonable” notice if a lesson needs to be cancelled. We also recommend the same “reasonableness” if Your Tutor needs to cancel at the last minute.

To do this, we encourage that both parties discuss and agree what is reasonable notice for them in the initial meeting. We also recommend agreeing a clear process for communicating any last-minute cancellations, e.g. sending a text or phone call etc.

Our suggested cancellation guidelines are:

  • Up to 24 hours before – no charge
  • 24-1 hour before – 50% of the lesson
  • Less than 1 hour before or no-show - 100% of the lesson

There may be extenuating circumstances e.g. last minute illness, or car accidents, which may override this.

If You wish to terminate the tuition, You may do so, at any time, by giving reasonable notice directly to Your Tutor, which could be in person, by e-mail or telephone.

If a Tutor, for any reason, has to stop tuition, We will endeavour to replace that Tutor, as soon as possible, subject to availability, in order to minimise disruption to the Student's progress.


The Tutor is directly engaged by You only to provide tuition and is not responsible for the safety, welfare, well-being and care of minor students, or for the protection of any person’s property. In the case of students under the age of 18 years, a responsible adult (other than the Tutor) must be present at the premises at all times during which the Tutor attends for tuition. In addition, a Tutor cannot be held responsible for chaperoning minors, nor guarding a house and household effects while tutoring.

As a disclosed agent, We will not be liable to You or any third party for any act, omission or error (whether wilful, negligent or otherwise) of the Tutor.

You acknowledge that Your arrangement is directly with the Tutor and not with Us. You agree that We are not a party to any tuition arrangement and are not responsible for the performance of any obligations agreed to, or impliedly agreed to, between You and the Tutor.

Before We provide a Tutor’s contact details to You, We may have collected certain basic information submitted by the Tutor in relation to their identity, experience, training, authorisations and/or qualifications (Credentials). Whilst We may request that Tutors make available full details of their Credentials, due to the number of Tutors it is not reasonably practicable for Us to check each Tutor’s Credentials on Your behalf, and We cannot do so. For this reason, We cannot guarantee that the information submitted by the Tutor is accurate and We shall not be responsible for any failure of the Tutor to provide You with satisfactory evidence to support the statements on the Tutor’s profile as to the Tutor’s Credentials. You should always check carefully all relevant information and documents in relation to a Tutor before You choose to enter into an arrangement with the Tutor and You should verify the Tutor’s Credentials.

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These Terms and Conditions were last updated on: 1st August 2021.

Please note that these Terms and Conditions may change from time to time, but We will always endeavour to provide You with notice if they do change.

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