Why do our teachers love tutoring?

Published: 28 Jul 21
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Why do our teachers love tutoring?

As it is (at last!) the holidays and a chance to take a break from school or college, we recently asked those teachers in our Teacher Facebook Group what they like most about tutoring.

Back in the time of the dinosaurs, when I was teaching in a classroom (OK it was not that long ago) most lessons went well, a few were inevitably less good, but once or twice a week I would leave the lesson thinking:

Yes!! That was great! They really got it and they enjoyed the lesson. Even better if that lesson was on a Friday afternoon.

This is the feeling that comes across in the comments we received from some of our teachers about their tutoring sessions.

  • Mine is helping parents understand how to support their child's learning and watching them flourish
  • I love explaining things in ways they haven't heard before and seeing it finally click
  • Seeing the light bulb moments when they realise they now understand how to do something they have struggled with and seeing their confidence grow as they make progress.
  • Forming relationships where your tutees trust you and feel able to ask questions without fear of feeling silly. Questions they wouldn’t feel comfortable asking in a classroom full of their peers.
  • Seeing one-to-one progress MUCH quicker, no team politics, no group politics, no mega marking issues or reporting to anyone (except parents!)
  • I love to tutor one-to-one with individual students because you can give them a full hour's attention and they understand concepts so much quicker than when they are in a classroom and struggling with a mathematical method.
  • I actually don't enjoy teaching in school. However, I love tutoring and the one-to-one interaction. I find tutoring rewarding and much more beneficial than teaching in school.

What feeling do you get from tutoring?

Let us know in our Facebook group for teachers- we love to hear what makes tutoring so rewarding.

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