What our new tutors say?

Published: 13 Feb 19
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I am enjoying my teaching immensely, tutoring a bright boy and working with a very nice family, who live just a couple of miles from me. Mr Cook. (11+ and SATs teacher in Slough)

I would encourage teachers to try a bit of tutoring. It has certainly proved interesting and beneficial. This company are a high quality organisation, a lot better than others out there. Dr T.H. (HoD History, Selective Independent School in Bucks)

I am enjoying tutoring very much. I have just started my first role, supporting a young family with a hard-working and positive young boy, keen to do well. Mrs BP. (Primary Maths in Exeter)

I like working for this agency, everything about it is professional. Getting great feedback also spurs me on. Well done! Mr Simon C. (Psychology in London)

I have been working with TTYH for six months. The work is easy, enjoyable, and well paid. TTYH is well organised, responding to every message promptly and always paying on time. The little girl I tutored was delightful. Mrs Libby A. (Primary Teacher in Colchester)

I am enjoying tutoring very much. I have started with my first family, who have a lovely engaging young son, very keen to learn and work hard. It is a pleasure to teach him. Miss D Sprague. (Primary in Winchester)

An excellent company to work with. I heard about them through a teacher discussion forum on Facebook. They treat me as a professional and are very helpful and easy to work with. Mrs Briers. (Maths and Science in Witney)

I am a full-time primary teacher and now I tutor two families, one mid-week and one on Saturday morning. Very rewarding work. Mrs Ainsley. (Year 3 teacher in Thame)

I would recommend this service to other teachers. I am working with my first family and really enjoying the experience. Mrs Beardsely. (SEN and Primary Tuition in Cardiff)

Very pleased to be doing this. It is both satisfying and financially rewarding. John G. (GCSE and A level Maths in Cambridge)

Enjoyable, flexible work, which I have made fit in well with my school hours. The pay is relatively good and quite a bit better than most other agencies. Mr AB. (History and Politics in Sevenoaks)

I have never thought about tutoring until recently. I would certainly recommend it. So far, I have found it to be satisfying, relatively well-paid and it fits in with my busy school life. PDH. (Science and Maths in Plymouth)

Having been a tutor for the past 25 years or so and having used several agencies in that time, I can confidently say that TTYH is by far the best. They are professional, efficient and supportive and payments are on time and accurate. Mr Mike L. (Science and Maths in Ashford)

Thank you for contacting me with this information. I have to say you run a very professional company – rather refreshing to see these days. Your communication has been excellent. Mrs Jane E. (Primary and 11+ in Wolverhampton)

I would like to say a massive thank you to you and your team. This has been a really well organised process and, even though I have only done one session so far, I am very happy. Mrs Frances J. (Primary in Colchester)

A really good organisation. The staff in their offices are all teachers and understand the business. Lots of good advice. My first job starting next week. Miss Thornbury. (Primary in Slough)

I am a full-time History teacher and choose just to take on a couple of tutoring roles alongside my school work. The tutoring is very satisfying, more so than marking a tonne of GCSE Exam Scripts, and the extra income is very useful indeed. Mr MHB. (History teacher in a large independent school)

Teaching full time was draining me. I have now achieved a much better balance, teaching part-time and doing some tutoring; which is very enjoyable. Miss D-S. (English teacher in Sandhurst)

A really worthwhile and satisfying experience. Thank you for the roles you have offered me. Both jobs are going well, both with very nice families and children. Mrs Jayne G (Primary and SEN in Central London)

I would recommend tutoring to any current teacher, whether just starting out in teaching or experienced. I have found it to be very pleasant work, with real appreciation shown from both students and their families. Mr Rob B. (A level English Language and Literature in Edgbaston)

I am enjoying this very much and am keen to have more roles. Andy T. (A level Computer Science and Maths in Bromsgrove)

I have two long terms roles; both enjoyable! Mr OT. (GCSE and A level English in Rutland)

I have been very impressed by the organisation and efficient service you provide. All has worked smoothly including the timesheet process. Anne G-T. (Sciences and A level Biology in London) 

I am just contacting you to thank you for the tutoring work that you have provided me with this past year. It was the first time that I had provided any regular tutoring and I found it a very rewarding experience. The clients seemed very pleased with what was achieved with their son and it was nice to get their feedback. If there are any opportunities in my area in the coming year I would be interested in hearing of them and hope that you would consider me for any appropriate roles. Mr RF (A level History in Leicestershire) 

I wasn't sure about becoming a tutor as I teach full time. It has actually turned out quite well; I now teach a young boy on Saturday morning for an hour and I have just decided to take on another on Tuesday evening. The extra weekly income is very much appreciated. Miss Anne K. (Year 5 Teacher) 

I have been tutoring for a number of years but have recently relocated and wish to start to build up some students again. It is difficult to advertise on your own. I have used Gumtree and Yell but not very successfully. I joined this agency to help boost my profile and get me going again. I already have my first job with a lovely family. Mrs Julie S. (English Lang & Lit, 11+)

I had never thought of tutoring alongside my full-time teaching job, but I have found it the work to be interesting and profitable, having taken on a couple of jobs over the summer. I will continue both jobs through next term, so I will see how it works out. Mrs J Matthews. (GCSE English in Oxford)

I only plan to take on one of two jobs each year, to supplement my teaching salary. It has all gone well so far. Mr CS. (Common Entrance Preparation)

I have only recently qualified as a teacher and have never done any tutoring. I haven't had a placement yet and am probably a little anxious about it. This organisation has been very easy to get to know and they keep answering all my questions. Miss T.D. (Primary and hopefully some 11+)

I have been tutoring for about 5 years and I am signed up to a number of tutor agencies. This agency appealed to me because they work only with qualified teachers. I have always felt a little uncomfortable seeing my profile on an agency website, sitting alongside other tutors; who are clearly amateurs -  undergraduates, school students earning some cash, retired academics with no teaching experience. This agency is different and it feels good to separate myself away from the murky, unregulated world of tuition, where everyone thinks that they can do it. Mr David T. (Maths and Sciences)

Really pleased with the tutoring work that I have received through this company. Both families that I am working with are delightful. Mrs G McBright. (Primary and 11+ Tuition in Epsom)

An excellent organisation. Great administrative support. No problems with payment. Very friendly and helpful. Miss Williams. (A level Chemistry and GCSE Science in Rutland)

Good work and a decent professional fee. Mr T Holden. (IB and A level Chemistry in Windsor)

Very enjoyable and worthwhile work. I now support two very nice families.Mrs T. (Primary in Telford)

I am registered with a number of tutor agencies. This one has more energy and organises much more quickly. They also pay on time. Tom (Chemistry Teacher in Torquay)

It takes a lot to impress me, but I am impressed by the polish and professionalism of these people. They are teachers themselves and are pro-active, energetic and good-humoured - which you don't always find in many places these days. Yes, I am a bit of an old fogey now. I am already working with two families and actually quite enjoying myself! Mr C.C. (A level History, Classics)

I have never seen a company with so much energy. Phone calls and e-mails are responded to within minutes. They are friendly, polite, knowledgeable and clearly ambitious to grow the quality end of tuition. Mr Rob D. (Maths)

I am treated as a professional. I can organise my own lessons without having to report them all in. There is no centralised assessment or paperwork to fill in. Payment is prompt and straight into my bank account. Miss Jayne T (A level Chemistry and GCSE Science)

A high quality and professional company. Very easy to join. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Bob T. (Maths Teacher in Chelmsford)

I have just taken on my first young student and am enjoying the teaching and getting to know the family. Mr K Heard. (Prep School Deputy Head in St Albans)

A very good tuition company. I can pick and choose the roles that are of interest to me and can organise my lessons as I wish. Miss Jayde C. (11+ Preparation in Kent)

They do not pay any travel expenses but they do try to find jobs near to me. Mr Pete C-M. (A level Biology in Slough)

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