What Makes a Brilliant Teacher?

Published: 27 Jun 19
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The single most significant factor which determines the quality of education that a student receives is the quality of their teacher.

Teaching is a most challenging and demanding role. It requires an individual to have a broad and rigorous knowledge of subject content and curriculum; it requires an individual to have enthusiasm, energy, patience and resilience; it requires an individual to have developed skills in managing young people and a classroom full of them; it requires an individual to have a desire to make a real difference to the lives of others.

Some common characteristics of the most brilliant teachers are:

  • Brilliant teachers love their subject and have excellent subject knowledge. They also continue to develop this knowledge. They continue to learn.

  • Brilliant teachers have a strong personality and are completely in control of what’s going on around them. They can “act” their part; are respected by their students; are often warm, accessible, enthusiastic.

  • Brilliant teachers are very hard working, putting great effort into preparing lessons, marking work and giving extra time and energy to their students.

  • Brilliant teachers are prepared and highly organized, they know want to achieve through the lesson, through the term, through the year.

  • Brilliant teachers set high expectation for all students, not giving up on underachievers. They are determined that every student will master their subject.

  • Brilliant teachers really do care for their students, connecting with them, engaging them in the lesson, involving them. They know how to deliver the lesson with the right pace and challenge, using the right resources to stimulate learning.

  • Brilliant teachers believe that it is student effort and teaching quality alone, which will determine how well a student does … it is not the ability of the student. The less able student will also get there in the end.

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