Webinar: Preparing for the 11+ English Exam

Published: 05 Aug 21
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Want to know more about the 11+ English Exam?

Many parents ask us for more guidance on what the 11+ exams look like. What kind of questions are in the English paper, how long does it take, what can their child do to prepare for it? So we decided to ask one of our 11+ teachers to host a webinar to answer the most common questions, as well as talk through some typical 11+ exam English questions.

You can watch the video below (or click here to watch the full video series that covers each area of the 11+ exam):

Looking for more 11+ support?

Our tutors can help in a number of ways, from doing an initial assessment of how ready your child is for the 11+, to long-term tutoring, to short-term focus revision. All of our tutors are experienced and qualified teachers, with an in-depth knowledge of the 11+ exam and how to engage your child in preparing for it effectively.

You can find an 11+ tutor in your area here.

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