Webinar: How to prepare your child for the 11+ exam

Published: 12 Jun 21

Do you want to know more about the 11+ exam?

Are you a parent of a Year 3, Year 4, or Year 5 child who is considering taking the 11+ exam - maybe for Grammar or Year 7 Independent School Entry. We hear daily from parents that there isn't enough information on what the exams are, how they are structured, or what THEY can do to help their child be better prepared to take them. In this webinar, our experts will answer these questions and more.

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Why join this webinar?

Hosted by Gillian and Jim Dixon, the founders of Teachers To Your Home, this webinar will explain everything you need to know about what the 11+ is, how it is structured, and what you can do to help your child be better prepared for it. Gillian and Jim bring a lifetime of teaching experience, plus their knowledge of finding the best 11+ tutors to this session - so is a must-watch for any parent/carer whose child is considering the 11+.

What you will learn:

  • What is the 11+ exam and why do you take it?
  • What are the differences between the different exam boards?
  • How the exams are structured - timings, questions, themes, etc.
  • When 11+ exams take place and when you should start preparing
  • Tips for how to prepare for the 11+
  • Tips for helping your child do their best in the 11+ exam
  • Our recommended resources for preparing for the 11+ exam
  • Q&A (ask about anything we haven't covered)

Click here to sign-up for the next session at 6 PM on 15 June 2021.


Don't forget our free practical follow-up sessions for your children!

This is only the first webinar of our series that covers every aspect of the 11+ exam.

Our follow-up webinars are run by a selection of our 11+ teachers and each one covers a different part of a standard 11+ exam paper. Sign-up to hear more about how to tackle each part of the 11+ and hear our teachers run through some example questions and answers.

While this first webinar is for you, the parents, the follow-up webinars are for the whole family! Your child will hear directly from our experienced teachers about what to expect in each section of the 11+, we'll show them example questions and how to answer them effectively.

After the webinar, we'll send you the recordings and some example past papers (and their answers) - so sign up, even if you can't make the webinar on the day.