Understanding Your Child's Curriculum: A Guide for Parents

Published: 19 May 22
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The national curriculum outlines what a child should learn and know by the end of each school year. It also contains lots of information for both parents and teachers on how to effectively deliver this and check a child's progress in each major area and subject.

Sounds useful, but the problem is that most parents don't know where to find these guides and when they can find them, they are huge...

Instead of these mammoth guides, lots of parents wish they had an easy checklist of what their child should know by the end of each year.

So we made them!


Download your national curriculum guide summaries below

Working with our in-house experts, we have translated this year's curriculum for each primary year group into handy PDF checklists that you can use throughout the year, download them below:

For secondary school students, the options for what subjects and levels make this a bit more complex, so instead we recommend taking a look at the official curriculum for your region, and again for the exam boards:

Having a good grasp of your child's curriculum for the year will definitely help you better understand what they are doing in school, where they may need help, and what to talk about around the dinner table.

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