The Benefits of Online Tuition: A Guide for Parents October 2020

Published: 21 Oct 20
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This article provides a brief outline to parents of the benefits of online tuition, compared to face-to-face tuition, though it must be stressed both are indeed highly beneficial to students.

There are a number of benefits to online tuition:

Back in March when lockdown was announced, all our tuition had to move online. The challenge for teachers new to this, was to maintain the personal engagement, student interaction and focused approach that characterises face-to-face tuition.

But, just as with many of us have moved from being novices to "Masters of Zoom", a lot of students, families and students have been pleasantly surprised by the benefits of online tuition.

Taken chronologically – and assuming broadband is up to speed and both teacher and student have access to a PC / laptop / tablet / smartphone / webcam / microphone etc. this is an overview of some of the benefits.

For face-to-face tuition the teacher needs to be local to the family so that they can practically travel to the family home to deliver lessons. The need to be local limits the choice of teacher and their available timeslots. An online teacher can literally be based anywhere in the county, country or indeed the world (although they must be up to date with the relevant Curriculum or Exam Specifications). This means there is much greater availability of more teachers, meaning more chance of finding that perfect teacher, the one who is just the right match for your son or daughter and who can lead them on to great things.

There is no travel involved with online tuition, which reduces the cost of the lessons, means there are no teachers arriving late at your house due travel delays (less annoyance with any unforeseen cancellations) and is better for the planet. However, if either the teacher or the student has travelled away from home, perhaps on holiday, unlike with face-to-face, tuition can still take place ... if wanted.

For teachers travelling, lessons less than one hour long are not usually viable due to the travel time and costs involved, but with online, more frequent shorter lessons can be given, which particularly suits younger students, those who tire easily or have short attention spans.

On a practical domestic level, there is no need to for tuition to take place over the kitchen table. The student is in familiar surroundings, with no one invading their privacy, which can be less daunting for a nervous student.

Lessons are still live and interactive; this is not a case of just watching a video. For Zoom or Skype this may be primarily through dialogue and shared screens; there are also impressive virtual classroom and whiteboard apps which enable both teacher and student to write simultaneously, using an electronic pen on a shared virtual whiteboard. Other add-ons can allow teacher and student to edit pdfs together in real time. Also, the sessions - from the student’s perspective - can be recorded and used later, including lesson notes which may include links, embedded videos and simulations.

Today’s students live in an online world so are used to using computers and screens for learning. It is likely that many schools will increasingly embrace online tuition in the future, possibly as a hybrid with classroom teaching and classroom interactive whiteboards.

And to finish on a pertinent point; online tuition does not spread colds, flu or Corona virus.

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