Latest COVID Guidance throughout the duration of national lockdown: 05 January 2021

Published: 05 Jan 21
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This provides a summary of the updated Government Guidance for parents and tutors regarding tuition throughout the duration of the National Lockdown from 05 January 2021.

Latest COVID Guidance: 05 January 2021

  • Education is a priority and should continue throughout the period of the National Lockdown.
  • Where possible, tuition should go online throughout this period.
  • If online tuition is not possible (e.g., for SEN tuition, tuition for very young or vulnerable children, tuition for children of keyworkers, etc) then it is permissible for tuition to take place in the home, if all parties are happy, and ensuring appropriate precautions
  • Cleaners, nannies, childminders, etc. can continue to provide services, including in the home. Early Years settings (including nurseries and childminders) remain open. Vulnerable children and children of critical workers can continue to use registered childcare, childminders, and other childcare activities (including wraparound care).

We appreciate that this may be an anxious time for you and your family. Please be reassured that our teachers can continue to provide you and your children with the support and encouragement that they need.

If you require any further guidance or support, please feel free to contact us directly.

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