Latest COVID Guidance throughout the duration of the national restrictions: November 2020

Published: 01 Nov 20

This provides updated Government Guidance for parents and tutors regarding tuition throughout the duration of the national restrictions.

Latest COVID Guidance: November 2020

  • Education should continue throughout the National Lockdown.
  • Where possible, tuition should go online throughout the lockdown period.
  • If online tuition is not possible (e.g. for SEN tuition, tuition for very young children, etc) then it is permissible for tuition to take place in the home, if all parties are happy, and ensuring appropriate precautions.
  • Out-of-school activities that are primarily used by parents as part of their arrangements for their child to receive a suitable education (which could include, for example, tuition centres, supplementary schools, or private tutors) may also continue to operate for the duration of the national restrictions.

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