We request that clients give “reasonable” notice if a lesson needs to be cancelled. We request the same “reasonableness” if a teacher needs to cancel at the last minute. We do not specify a 24 hour cancellation policy, which is difficult to enforce. eg. a child is suddenly taken ill etc. We recommend that, in the initial meeting between family and teacher, that both parties discuss what is reasonable notice for them and further discuss a clear process for communicating any last-minute cancellations; eg. sending a text or phone call etc. If notice of a cancellation is not reasonable, then the teacher would expect to charge the family for the lesson and would let them know this. We also would advise teachers to keep the bigger picture in mind and consider the importance of maintaining a good relationship with a family. Our experience is that this situation rarely happens and, if it does, the family generally are happy to pay for the cancelled lesson.


At its heart, we know that education is a simple thing.
Whoever we are, wherever we may be,
we all need to experience the joy of achievement, our own and others'
… and then we need great teachers.