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All of our 11+, 13+ and Common Entrance Tutors are fully-qualified teachers; School Entrance Exam specialists, professional, energetic and up-to-date with the current demands of a changing examination. 

Our specialist 11+, 13+ and Common Entrance Tutors have considerable experience in preparing children for entry into Senior Schools including the 11+ and 13+ Examinations, Scholarship Examinations and Common Entrance. A significant number of our tutors currently work as teachers within the Independent and Grammar School Sectors and have thorough knowledge and experience of the process. 

We will appoint an 11+, 13+ or Common Entrance Tutor for you usually within one or two days. The majority of parents request 11+ tuition from Year 4 or Year 5; 13+ and Common Entrance tuition from Year 7 or Year 8; and the usual pattern is for weekly one-hour lessons. Initially, teachers will ensure a rich and rigorous foundation before preparing children towards the demands of the exam itself; and in building confidence and exam technique. Lessons are taught at your home and are scheduled at your convenience; whether weekdays, weekends or holidays; whether for short or longer term arrangements. There is no requirement for you to register or to pay any fees up front. 

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What is the 11+ Examination?

If you would wish your child to attend a selective state grammar school, then you will need them to sit and to pass the 11 Plus Exam (also called the 11+ or Eleven Plus). In reality, most children will only be 10 years old when they take the test; and the term “11 Plus” refers to the fact that the test selects for schools with an entry point for children aged 11 or over.

There are over 160 Grammar Schools remaining in England, with the potential for numbers to grow. The pass rate for the 11 plus test varies considerably around the country.

Often private tutors are used to help children prepare for this exam. The tutor will first ensure that foundation skills are rigorous, before then shaping the tuition towards the demands of this unusual exam; and then building confidence and a good exam technique, to ensure that child can perform to their full potential on the day. Tuition generally begins a year or two in advance of the exam. The 11+ exam takes place at the beginning of Year 6.

There are generally up to four different “disciplines” used for the 11 Plus tests: Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English. The combination of test papers varies around the country.

What is Common Entrance and the 13+ Examination?

The Common Entrance Examination (also known as CE or the 13+ Examination) is an examination still strongly supported by many of the top Prep and Independent Senior Schools in the UK. It is regarded as a rigorous and broad-based test; providing a strong academic focus for pupils in Years 7 and 8, an excellent preparation for GCSEs, and a good predictor for future academic potential.

Pupils sit for their Common Entrance Examination when they are in Year 8. Many of the best schools now offer pre-tests in Year 7, to identify suitable candidates. There are three examination sessions each year, generally in November, January and May/June.

There are a number of compulsory core subjects; which include English, Mathematics and Science. In addition, CE candidates can sit papers in a wide range of subjects chosen from: French, Geography, German, Classical Greek, History, Latin, Mandarin Chinese, Religious Studies and Spanish. Tuition for Common Entrance generally begins a year or two in advance of the exam.

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