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High Quality History tutors and tuition

"Teachers To Your Home" provides over 7000 qualified teachers across the UK,
who give high quality tuition, at your own home and at your convenience.

All of our History Tutors are fully-qualified teachers; subject-specialists, professional, energetic and up-to-date with the current demands of a changing curriculum and the various Examination Boards. 

We can support History at all levels and can provide high quality tuition for Primary and Junior levels, as well as prepare children towards 11+, 13+, Common Entrance or for GCSE, IGCSE, IB and A level Examinations, across all the major Examination Boards including OCR, AQA, Edexcel, CIE, WJEC. 

We will appoint a History Tutor for you usually within one or two days. Lessons are taught at your home and are scheduled at your convenience; whether weekdays, weekends or holidays; whether for short or longer term arrangements. There is no requirement for you to register or to pay any fees up front. 

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"History will be kind to me ... for I intend to write it."– Winston Churchill 

History is the study of the past, specifically how it relates to humans. It relates to past events as well as to the memory, discovery, collection, organisation, presentation and interpretation of information about these events. Whether you are learning about the eqyptians in primary school or attempting to analyse the human rights movement in the USA, we can provide a History Tutor who can help you.

A selection of our teachers who provide History tuition in your area


Qualified teachers provide the highest quality History home tuition

All lessons are taught at your home and are scheduled at your convenience
No upfront fees, no registration fees nor hidden costs
You can start or stop the tuition at any time