The Delights of Studying as an Adult


We teach a large number of adults, who enjoy learning new things. Many are keen to study through the daytime or at weekends perhaps to learn a new language, or study for a History A level, or develop their Computing skills, or pick up their Maths again. Some want to pass an exam, while others just want to keep on learning.

There are many good reasons to continue learning as an adult. These may include improving skills or qualifications to enhance employability; passing the exam that proved elusive first time around; learning language basics before a holiday or move overseas; to try something new; for stimulation and challenge; to enhance your knowledge in a subject you have developed a real passion for.

Our teachers will provide academic courses tailored to each individual adult, one to one, at your home and at your convenience. Examples of some of the adult tuition that we are currently supporting:

  • Weekly Spanish lessons for a retired couple planning to move to Spain in 6 months
  • Maths lessons for an adult wishing to train as a teacher and needing to pass her numeracy exam
  • French lessons for a business with 6 staff, needing to improve their language skills to communicate better with their French clients
  • Basic computing skills for a retired couple, who wish to better utilise e-mails, browse the internet, do some on-line shopping
  • Creative writing skills for an ambitious new author
  • Chemistry A level lessons for an undergraduate who needs to strengthen his understanding
  • English speaking skills for a gentleman who has recently moved to the UK
  • English language skills for a family of 5, all of different ages and abilities, but who all wish to speak and write more fluently
  • Latin for an elderly lady who has recently developed a deep interest in the language
  • Computer tuition for a retired gentleman who wishes to fully exploit the potential of his Apple Mac Computer. 

At its heart, we know that education is a simple thing.
Whoever we are, wherever we may be, we all need to experience the joy of achievement,
our own and others … and then we need great teachers.

adult female reading a book at home

All lessons are taught at your home and are scheduled at your convenience
No upfront fees, no registration fees nor hidden costs
You can start or stop the tuition at any time